i feel like it is a death wish to say so but i didn’t enjoy pacific rim as much as all of tumblr seemed to. like i liked some of it but for a lot of the action scenes it just didn’t keep my attention and i didn’t feel emotionally attached to any of what happened or the characters.

"the kaiju wants the little dude"

it took me like a million years but i am finally watching pacific rim

it is kind of amazing to think after 9 years of my life being devoted to it i finally met someone who has been on supernatural

finally home and dead tired but some things that happened this weekend

okay see y’all sunday

if nbc doesn’t renew parenthood i’m gonna go lay in the street

i knew i wouldn’t start packing tonight but i was going to make a list of what to pack and i couldn’t even do that, i will be screaming and running around 10 minutes before i go to bed tomorrow night what is wrong with me

agents of shield is getting so good too bad no one is watching it

the good part about y’all falling in love with seb is i finally have political animals gifsets to reblog again, i was tired of the same ones.