i had someone call me the R word for not shipping chair today… it is 2014

i just remembered hart of dixie isn’t back till mid season

tonight is one of those nights where i wish i had a gf or bf

if anyone is confused this is kayle, i was briggspaul.

do i even enjoy tumblr anymore or is this just out of habit?

hayden has said he wants to murder amber multiple times while laughing at the thought of it.

now caleb just said he’d drop kick amber in the face and cody and derrick LAUGHED

yes keep talking about how zach disrespects women cody and derrick I DARE YOU

james garner died :((((((((((((((((

at first i was freaking out about frankie saying he’s falling in love with zach but now i just feel really sad for him. he came here to play a game not get feelings for someone and to make it worse the guy he has feelings for states he is straight and it constantly talking about being into women yet at the same time flirts with him all the time and acts like he is into him too. frankie said he’d never make a move on a guy who says he’s straight, if they say they are then he believes them. we all joke and say zach seems really gay but none of us know. in my mind sexuality is really fluid, you can be straight but one day find someone who you fall for that is outside who you are usually attracted to. but at the end of the day none of us know how zach is feeling, maybe he does have feelings, maybe he doesn’t. either way i don’t see him ever bringing them up if he does, who wants to put that all over tv and the internet, that’s tough shit to deal with. i just hope that frankie doesn’t get hurt in the end over this, i really feel like last week was the actions of a guy who is in a tough spot and thought it would be easier to get what was hurting him out of the house and it is just super sad ugh.

i have so much zankie in my queue and i don’t even want to post it now cause i’m sad and mad and confused and hurt.

i’m alive i swear i’m just lost in big brother feeds, i haven’t even watched the last 2 episodes or my shows cause i can’t stop watching