possitivetension replied to your post: i’m super sick and sliced my finger op…

haaaaaa i more or less had tbh :( but feel better mah kay <333

thank you, m <33

egudbranson replied to your post: i’m super sick and sliced my finger op…

feel better love :(

thank you <333



I hope you’re having the best day of your life and yes, we’re the same age so, if they’re not spoiling you rotten, then i’m gonna go and just kill everyone, no, not kill but, you know what I mean!! 

I just wish you to have a nice year and life and ofc, a corgi, like why didn’t your parents listened to me when I said give her a corgi?!! Are they deaf like me?! I bet not, they don’t want to hear my petition…hmmm..

Anyway…you’ll get it one way or another!! 

Love you my dearest…have a great day with your husband Garrett and keep on swooning about Chris P(F)ine!!! Ah yes, let’s have some good dinner with Hannibal as our chef ;)

i already thanked you for this but i never got to post it till now, thank you again so much <3333333333


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i love youuu kayyy <33333333

i love you too m <33333333

possitivetension replied to your post: god the selfie posts why are you all s…

please i am embarrased with the pics i posted fml…kay shut it.

oh my god no you are so beautiful i’m jealous


Hi guys!!! I really want to thank everyone this year that has been following me and had the joy to meet. Hope this year has been great for you and if not, as always there are a lot of reasons why some things didn’t or did happen. We still have the miracle and the luck of living and we should be thankful for that.

Bless you all and always remember to be better, no matter what happens in life, we need to stay positive and keep going! Keep your head up! 


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thank you babe <33333

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yes, though it’s not hurting which is probs a first :3 i did have a long weekend too and feel better!!

that is good! i was having the worst cramps but they are better for now. thank you <333 i hope you keep having no pain

possitivetension replied to your post: if anyone missed me i’m g…

yup…same i am on shark week

it never fails when i have a long weekend. i’m in bed with something :(. i am sorry you are on shark week too it is the worst.




possitivetension replied to your post: the bad news: i have a migrai…

get well soon mah kay <3333

thank you m <333