make me choose: anonymous asked me emison or paily?

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pretty little liars rewatch
↳ 1x02

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i’m here for the ladies → hanna marin

You can’t reach into my life anymore. Not unless I let you. You’re gone. And I’m so over missing you.

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make me choose
 lissadrgomir asked: sparia or hannily

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make me choose
 katiectalksalot asked: wrencer or hancas

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pretty little liars meme: [2/8] characters

→ “I mean, the dimples, the accent… you are not the first girl to fall for downtown grabby.”

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pll meme: (2/7) ships
"What you and I have is the most real and honest thing in my life and that’s something I hope you can remember. No matter what happens tomorrow"

It’s like a story.