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make me choose » anonymous asked Spencer/Aria or Brooke/Peyton

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make me choose: anonymous asked me caleb rivers or toby cavanaugh?

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"The episode [419] is connected to everything that’s going on." 4.19/4.24 parallel. Is Toby A?

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"Harvey… I sat in that room today and listened to you tell me that ever since the day we met, you’ve had to cross one line after another… I’m tired of putting the people I care about in jeopardy…Harvey, You gave me permission to point the finger at you. Give me permission to go.”

make me choose: anonymous asked me emison or paily?

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pretty little liars rewatch
↳ 1x02

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i’m here for the ladies → hanna marin

You can’t reach into my life anymore. Not unless I let you. You’re gone. And I’m so over missing you.

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