i don't care if you're a wild one

Fangirl Challenge | Pairings (1/50) - Jacob Wells x Paul Torres (The Following)

Cause it was
All you wanted
And all I needed
But all I gave up, now
Could you hold me tighter
When worlds collide
Just hold me down right now..


what to do with my head when i’ve no place to lay it…

paul comforting jacob 1x09 requested by anonymous

why would you do that for me?
..because i like you. you’re a good guy.

Dreamer, you will waste your time
Do you ever wonder why
We go on and on and on?
Love is gone and gone and gone

you owe me

You owe me. 


“Why do you always have to label everything?”

1x05 The Siege | The Following


because i like you.

i love you.