i don't care if you're a wild one

oth meme: three otps [3/3] → Brooke and Julian

"Brooke before I met you I thought my world had everything I needed to be happy.I had nothing else to compare to. Then you walked into my life and everything changed. I realized how empty my world was without you in it, and my old life was no longer capable of making me happy, not without you. I love everything about you Brooke, I love the way you challenge me like no one ever has, I love the way you look at me like no one ever has, and I love the way you love me like no one ever has. I cant imagine spending my life without you, and if you say yes to me in a few minutes I wont have to."

I've found my other half.

one tree hill meme - 7 characters [6/7] -  Julian Baker

"That girl’s been nearly impossible to find, but worth every second of the wait."

"Breakfast club, you were the priss." "Let me guess, you were the stoner?" "If you say so, they end up together.”

one tree hill meme - 4 OTPS - [3/4] - Brooke & Julian

make me choose » anonymous asked Brucas or Brulian


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make me choose → anonymous asked brucas or brulian