Anonymous whispered: Do you like wrencer over spoby??

i loved wrencer but i wouldn’t say over spoby, i love spoby a lot.

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Anonymous whispered: i've been following you forever like you are one of my most favorite blogs on this site like easily top 3. anyway i see you like adan canto and i totally meant to tell you he's like best friends with my boss and they hang out all the time and i met him once and had no idea who he was but then i saw a story about him later that day for xmen and i was like "oh....OH!!!!" and now I see him all the time and yeah. he's gorgeous in person too.

aww thank you so much. omg that is amazing. i fell in love watching him on the following. i’m totally jealous. i bet he’s even more gorgeous in person, i’d probably faint.

Anonymous whispered: so I have never seen bb but a lot of people have been blogging about bb16 and I kinda like Zach. He is a cutie. But what does the "zing" mean?

zings are just them getting made fun of basically but zach has cried in the house, wears a pink hat and spent many nights cuddling frankie so basically she’s calling him out on it!

Anonymous whispered: wait did zack actually come out as non Hetero?

he has told frankie he is in love with him and he told victoria he is bi but if he meant either of those as a legit coming out i don’t know, could easily be messing with them.

Anonymous whispered: Who you gonna vote for when your boy is out?

i assume this is about zach? well first off i don’t think he is leaving this week and hopefully not anytime soon after that, he isn’t out of the game. but if he does leave i don’t care who wins cause there is no one else left i care about enough to be honest. i mean obviously i love zankie so if frankie won to start schools that would be cool.

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Anonymous whispered: I know you love Zankie cause that's all you reblog but do you like anyone else on the big brother?

i used to really love cody but he has lost all appeal to me as of late. i really love donny a lot and victoria has grown on me a lot as well. i used to also like hayden but his violent comments about amber lately have made me lose all respect for him.

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Anonymous whispered: Who's your favorite on big brother?

zach is definitely :)

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Anonymous whispered: where can I watch bb online?

you can probably watch the episodes on the cbs website. if you are asking about the 24/7 feeds those are also on the cbs website but you have to pay to watch them, i know people post them up illegally but i don’t have those links cause i’m watching on the cbs website.

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Anonymous whispered: So are this Zach person Frankie's bf and he's cheating on him with Cody? Sorry, I am not from America so I can't watch it and I'm confused

nooo. they are from the show big brother which is a competition show where they live together for 3 months and are trying to win half a million dollars. none of them are actually dating they are just in the house together.

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Anonymous whispered: Weren't you just bitching about the guys on bb and now your back to posting things about them?

uhh i’m pretty sure i’m allowed to post whatever i want. since you said the guys on bb i’m guessing you don’t watch so i don’t even have to explain it.