romanticizes whispered: you there… Freeze! You’re under arrest for being so nice and cute. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful!

thank you <33333

Anonymous whispered: I guess I stopped in the middle of season 2 so I didn't know this joel guy. thanks for explaining! :) x

oh! yeah at the end of season 2 she went back to new york for the summer which ended up being much longer and the start of season 3 she was dating joel and then they both moved back to bluebell together and she’s been with him all season till now.

Anonymous whispered: hey sorry to bother but I stopped watching hart of dixie and I was wondering what happened to zoe (last gifset you reblogged). thanks! :)

it is not a bother at all! i don’t know when you stopped, i’m assuming you know she was dating the writer joel? well his book got picked up to become a movie so he had to go to los angeles for 6 months but that turned into him having to go to europe for a year so they decided to “take a break” which is really breaking up cause he is going to be gone for a year so the town came to cheer her up :).

Anonymous whispered: I don't know if you said it already but what did you think of Captain America 2?

putting this under a cut just incase

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Anonymous whispered: you're lovely

thank you so much anon, i really needed to hear that <33 you are very sweet!

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Anonymous whispered: is there something wrong because you reblog the same post like 5 times... a looot of post...

tumblr is full of errors tonight, it keeps saying it can’t post things but i guess it posts it 5 times instead, i’m sorry :(

Anonymous whispered: what did you think of twd finale?

i was expecting the stuff with rick so that didn’t really shock me. i feel like it didn’t really give us much. i felt like it seemed more like just a regular episode and not a finale. i was expecting a little more to be honest. what did you think?

Anonymous whispered: what does 'for ts' mean?

for tumblr savior, incase people have a show blacklisted but i don’t want that post in my show tag

Anonymous whispered: Doctors aren't there to judge you, I'm sure they'll accommodate you. Please don't berate yourself. I have terrible anxiety too, all we can do is try our best. That's something to be proud of. You are not a mess. I hope it all works out for you.

well i work at a doctor’s office so i was just asking for the day off and it has to go through him since it is his practice. i’m sure he won’t actually judge me or anything but my brain likes to tell me otherwise as i’m sure you understand. thank you very much though <3

Anonymous whispered: i just wanted you to know that you are my favorite blog ever okay bye

aww thank you so much. i’m feeling pretty crappy and this made me smile so thank you <33 i’m glad you like it.

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