For all of you heading off to your first day of school don’t forget your


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He tried. God… I was such an asshole. —Frankie about when Zach was trying to campaign, 9/1 10:30 PM PST


"He’s a monster….he was a fun monster though."

everyone is angry at what Frankie says about Zach but i’m just watching his face the whole time he talks about Zach and he obvi misses the fuck out of his bae…like he isn’t trash talking Zach he’s just TELLING THE DAMN TRUTH. And i’m pretty sure he’s still trying to hide his hardcore feelings he has for the “kid” lol


Zach Attack Recap Tribute

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Lauren at her bridal shower

ianmharding: Excited to announce my 2nd limited edition @represent shirt to raise funds @lupusorg! Thanks again folks!

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